Meditation classes

Meditation is a way to purposefully take a break from the build up of mental traffic that accumulates during the day.

You can meditate at any time, and you need not sit in any particular posture, or chant a mantra or sound. 

Follow a few simple steps to experience better wellbeing, improved mental health and a better experience of daily life.

Monday to Friday @ 8:00am 

Guided meditation on UK's largest fitness network

An open general class suitable for beginners.

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£1 for your first week, then from £1.99/wk

No contract, freeze or cancel anytime.


One to One Guided Meditation

A more personal and focussed meditation - choose:

a. Relationship Meditation

b. Stress reliever Meditation

c. Breathwork Meditation

d. Open Meditation

15 Mins - £15

30 Mins -£20

55 Mins - £39



Emotional Support

Space to talk about your personal matters

A friendly and listening ear, open, non-judgemental and in confidence. Receive advice if requested, or simply share and offload.

15 Mins - £10

30 Mins - £25

55 Mins - £49



Holistic Health Check up

Deeper explore patterns of events in your life.  


Exploring common themes apparent in your life. Deciphering probable lessons and drawing upon key holistic practices that can help you unblock unwanted barriers in your pursuit of peace.

£19 per 1 hour session.


Connect with me

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I've been meditating for over 10 years using a focussed and mindfulness style approach.


I'm interested in dispelling the false sense of self found in stress and addiction. Also how the impact of stress can contribute to the development of physical health problems.

Most recently I have begun studying Essenian Healing. This ancient form of holistic healing was founded in Egypt, and incorporates the use of meditation, essential oils and energy healing.

I am happiest when helping others to realise 'who they are' and 'what their life purpose is'.

In the words of Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".

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