One to One Meditation Coaching

4 week offer of support, guidance and encouragement for meditation beginners

Ongoing support, guidance and encouragement for beginner meditators. Starting with a 4 week course of guided meditations, concept work and discussion to begin building a depth in meditation practice for daily use. 


We establish the nature of some of your ruminating thoughts and tackle these by accumulating a depth in your meditation practice. By building a safe space within the mind, you can return here time and again to experience clarity and gain perspective on repeated thoughts you’d rather be free from. 

  • Weekly online catch up  

  • One to One Guided meditations

  • Breath work

  • Sleep & Diet analysis

Corporate Meditation

Respond more effectively to stress (increase feeling of calm)

Experts estimate that we think between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. Corporate meditation is a way to acknowledge the presence of stress in our everyday work roles and highlight workplace challenges. 


These training sessions are designed to equip teams with new self management strategies for stress, dealing with challenging customers and increasing the feeling of calm at work. Using team building exercises and guided meditations teams can learn how to incorporate self care ideas into their daily routine for better wellbeing.  

  • Short group meditation

  • The concept of stress

  • Mind training

  • Visualisation and breath work

  • Enriching time at home and switching off from work

Children's Meditation

Sparking potential

Encouraging children to imagine themselves as the best versions of the themselves can prove a powerful tool as they begin the journey to find their place in the world. Supporting children to affirm their greatness and boost self esteem with positive words, and guided visualisations to encourage their imagination and spark potential.  

  • Weekly online catch up

  • Short meditation

  • Self esteem and Identity work

  • Goal setting 

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