Wellness events

Wednesday 11th Nov 2020 @ 19:00

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  • What is the aura, why is the aura important and how do we experience the aura? Some questions you may have always asked, yet never found the answers to.


  • In the first part of this 4 part series; we begin to scratch the surface of the ancient concept of the aura and explore its meaning and significance in the modern world. 


  • How we can begin to ‘trust our perception’ and become aware of the unseen energy of another person?


  • Presented as a simple information sharing, I deliver my findings from some of my favourite books about seeing the aura, vibrational energy and the chakras. Including guided meditations and some first hand accounts with the aura whilst studying my holistic therapy course.


  • An informative talk for beginners with an interest in energy healing, health and well-being, wellness practices and holistic therapy.

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I've been meditating for over 10 years using a focussed and mindfulness style approach.


I'm interested in dispelling the false sense of self found in stress and addiction. Also how the impact of stress can contribute to the development of physical health problems.

Most recently I have begun studying Essenian Healing. This ancient form of holistic healing was founded in Egypt, and incorporates the use of meditation, essential oils and energy healing.

I am happiest when helping others to realise 'who they are' and 'what their life purpose is'.

In the words of Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".

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